A blog finds its way home – The End of NinetyNineWeeks and 64 North

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Ah, good friends, the time has come to migrate this blog back over to my home at www.timakimoff.com. I’ve long written a blog called Killing Ernest, and I always planned on Ninetynineweeks being just what it was, temporary. So, from here on out, I will be posting to Killing Ernest, which can be found at www.timakimoff.com.

I’ve migrated all the old posts to Killing Ernest, and I promise to continue to blog our Alaska adventures as well as my take on the media and the big events of our times.

Thanks so much for following me at Ninetynineweeks and 64 North. I really enjoyed the interaction, and I hope we can continue that at www.timakimoff.com.



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