Season 2 of “The Truth as I See it” podcast

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I finished season 1 of “The Truth as I See it” podcast a few weeks ago with an epic road trip home. The stories were all lighthearted life lessons. Good, as stories go, but not quite where I’m at today. I had fun telling these stories, but they seem so distant at times. Here’s a look back at Season 1 –

For season 2, I’m going with stories that are far more part of me today. They contain truths that I learned along the way. They are the scars by which I remember my decisions. They are darker than the first season. Here’s a peek at the podcast’s 2nd season –

1. The Royal – Story about how I blew my finger off with a paint sprayer

2. Kidnapped missionary survival training – Niko, the centipede and me

3. The Witch Doctor – Sometimes medical help requires a hands-on approach

4. Mexicali – A group of kids goes to Mexico with a gay youth pastor

5. “I always wondered what it would be like to date a fat guy”

6. The high cost of bachelor parties

7. The last bad trip – A 45-minute ambulance ride from Detroit Lake

8. How death is done – Explaining death to your 2-year-old

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