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Charlie is us

Charlie Brown

I spent one summer working in a print shop in Santa Rosa, California.

My cousins owned the shop in partnership with my uncle, and they were gracious enough to host me for the summer and allow me to make a little money while attempting to learn the family trade.

I was a better production assistant than a press operator, which required some mechanical and engineering skills.

So I collated, packaged, invoiced and made deliveries in a beat-up old GMC truck with a hydraulic clutch. Which proved very interesting when I had to make deliveries in downtown San Francisco.

My favorite delivery, by far, was to the house of one Charles M Schulz, who lived and worked in Santa Rosa.

I only ever met the man on a handful of occasions, dealing mostly with his assistant or his wife, but I was as enamored of his celebrity as anyone I had ever met personally at that point in my life. Which I think included the actor Craig T Nelson and Pope John Paul II.

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“City in Shadows” by Andy Smetanka

This video evokes everything I love about Missoula, Montana. It is simply the best place I have ever had the privilege to live.

I followed artists like Andy from a distance, thought not a far distance. I rubbed shoulders with him a few times after his shows when it seemed half the town would head to the Kettlehouse for a pint or two.

I love Andy’s art for the fact that it causes me to be so deeply present when I’m viewing it. Few things draw my attention like an original Andy Smetanka.