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A Dory on the River

She fitted out and ready for the water.
She fitted out and ready for the water.

It’s a perfect Oregon afternoon.

By that, I mean it’s in the mid-seventies, and the sun is shining and the trees have that look about them. That look they get just before they start to change their colors.

It’s imperceptible, just the lightest downgrade from summer’s dark green but not quite as verdant as spring. If you look carefully, you can watch summer’s slow demise every day.

It’s not fall yet, but the dog days are over. The perfect in-between.

My brother texts and says he has some things to finish around the farm, but that we can hit the river at 1:30.

I run around frantically looking through storage for my bass gear, before remembering that it was twenty years ago that I put together a nice bait caster with a 6 foot super stiff rod that could lift smallies and largemouth from the river like a crane.

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A refurbished boat will star as Pilar in a new film called “Hemingway and Fuentes,” helmed by Anthony Hopkins as Papa and Andy Garcia as his fishing buddy Gregorio Fuentes, according to this story by the Sun Sentinel. 

Above is the real Pilar, as it sits at Finca Vijia, the Cuban home of Hemingway. 

The refurbished boat is 4-feet shorter than Pilar, and so everything was scaled down a bit to fit.