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Sliver: Chapter 1 (The Cullings)

NGC 5907 galaxy
NGC 5907 galaxy

Somewhere around the turn of the 21st Century, the world of man imploded. From what I gather, it had been intent on doing so for the better part of two centuries, which is how humans depicted chunks of time that consisted of 100 years, a year being 365 days, a day being 24 hours, an hour being 60 minutes, a minute being 60 seconds and so forth.

Growing up, I wished to know what life was like before our time. All permanent records were lost, but not the impermanent records in the minds of the very ancient ones.

But they would not speak of that time. The story of man was no longer passed down from generation to generation.

A generation of people who knew the stories of the time that came before silenced themselves for the sake of those of us who came after. Continue reading Sliver: Chapter 1 (The Cullings)