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An alternate universe in each of my sons

The 303 train from Chicago to Blue Island broke down last night, leaving me stranded in Chicago waiting for a later train.

Unfortunately, that meant I’d miss my son’s track meet.

He sent me this text just as my train pulled up to the Vermont Street stop where I park my car.

Carson RunsWhat’s unique about this text, is that it stems from a conversation we had last night while sitting around a small table at Chipotle.

It’s been a long two-weeks of sickness around our house, with everyone dealing with a combination of allergies and head colds, with a little strep throat thrown in for good measure. We needed to buy Carson a pair of running shoes for his track meet on Friday, so I made an executive decision to eat out, which is rare for us.

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What would your father do?

Bob Bergdahl

My father once told me that if one of us – his children – ever got sick with cancer, he would stop what he’s doing and sell everything he owns to help pay for treatment.

That’s what fathers should say.

It was not unexpected to me. It was not a surprise. It was just my dad being the kind of father he is.

Recent national news got me thinking about this idea again.

Shortly after news of Bowe Bergdahl’s release after being held captive by the Haqqani, a Taliban organization in Afghanistan, the media did what it does best.

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