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The Vageries of Patriotism


We walked around the small town of Bandon waiting for the stores to open on a rainy, breezy Veterans Day. We wanted to taste local cranberries, so we piled into the Cranberry Sweets store just after someone unlocked the door at ten a.m.

After listening to the historical spiel, we walked around the store tasting candies to our hearts’ content.

“Happy Veterans Day,” the overly coffee’d retail worker sang. “Any veterans in the group?”

My daughter, who was caught in her tractor beam while she waited for popcorn samples to be put out, looked at her mother and then me, and shook her head no.

For some reason, I felt compelled to speak up. “No, no veterans in our family.”

My wife looked back at me. “My dad was a veteran.” Continue reading The Vageries of Patriotism