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Lilyhammer: Imperfect Television at its Best

Lilyhammer Season 3 Finale
Lilyhammer Season 3 Finale

I don’t review much. Mostly because I hate reading reviews.

Very seldom does something line up the same way for reviewers and critics and myself.

Life is frenetic, and as a journalist, I’m too often caught up in the spider web of pop culture and hard news, trying to dissect the edible morsels for the ravenous public.

So when I want to unwind with something entertaining, I want it to be ridiculous, far from either my own experience or the realities I have access to.

It was 2012, the snowiest year on record in Anchorage, Alaska. My wife was working nights at a local Applebees, and I was trying to come down from the highs of covering both the Iditarod, the 1,000-mile sled dog race and the Iron Dog, a 2,000-mile snow machine race.

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