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Art + Journalism + Science

after water
After Water Series

I always hated the inverted pyramid, that news technique of speed and convenience meant to give the audience a jumping off point once they reached peak information in a story.

It felt cheap and like giving up on the power of telling story.

My career in journalism happened at an unfortunate time in history. A time when the once captive audience of print discovered the Internet and the entirety of human knowledge available at their fingertips for the price of a little portable, wireless technology.

I realized this early on when I wrote a controversial story about scarification for my hometown newspaper in Salem, Oregon.

Whereas my editors saw some gritty news about unregulated tattoo and scarification artists essentially performing surgery on people, I saw an interesting cultural discussion about body modification and self expression in young people.

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Because Science

Science is beautiful. If you stop to observe it.

It’s not just the results of experiments and their intrinsic  value that are gorgeous to see, it’s the structure and the mechanics of the science being done that are so delightful.

They are delightful, because so often we only read about the results. We never find out about the work that went into making the experiment.

Today I hit my friend Shane Caldwell up for a tour of Argonne National Laboratory, where he works as a nuclear physicist.


Behind that concrete wall lies Blue Gene P, one of several generations of supercomputers used in many scientific applications.

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