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You’ve seen the comments section under an article or a video on the Web. And you know that while they’re meant to create meaningful dialogue, they’re more often filled with hate and verbal attacks. Some cyber bullying has been so vicious that suicide has been the result. WBEZ blogger Leah Pickett and Illinois Safe Schools Alliance’s Shannon Sullivan talks about this growing problem. And we ask you-how can we make the internet a better place?
Photo: Flickr/Asimetrica Juniper

I’m experimenting with storytelling forms. I’ve been carrying a GoPro camera around with me to try to document my day. There is way more potential here than what is represented. In fact, I think I need to spice up my day a little more after watching and voicing this. But I think that there is a way to tell someone’s story here in a way that would bring more understanding about what they do and how they do it.