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The First Hot Day in Chicago


There was no spring, apparently. I was wearing a jacket on Tuesday, and by Thursday, it was 91 degrees.

The first hot day in Chicago is uncomfortable, for sure, but it holds so much promise.

In the working districts, men forego their coats for button-down shirts and no ties. Women lose the pantsuits or tights and boots for dresses that billow in the lake breezes.

In the douchebag district, where I happened to find myself this afternoon, the tourist bros flock to the rooftop bars in starched Cubs jerseys and t-shirts with inappropriate, misogynistic sayings that make me wonder if actual shops sell them.

We have a meeting in the air-conditioned comfort of a corporate brewery, complete with mini tacos and chicken strips, and then I head out into the jungle.

Chicago is awesome. Remember that as I write these words.

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The cold is all in our head

Macro of frost on glass

It’s cold in Chicago for the second time this January. A stark contrast from last Juneuary, our first (mild) winter in the Windy City.

By cold, I mean all that air that normally oscillates around the North Pole and makes it particularly uninhabitable, has wobbled out of its usual orbit and is swinging, seemingly at random, into latitudes not quite used to these temperatures.

Meanwhile, our old comrades in Alaska are reporting green lawns, buds on trees and spring-like temperatures during a particularly balmy winter.

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When I announced we were moving to Chicago from Anchorage, Alaska, the response from friends and family immediately focused on the change in weather.

Many people told us we’d hate the cold winters in Chicago. So far, it’s been difficult not to laugh at that concept.

Anchorage barely got above zero last year in January. It’s been averaging a balmy 30 most days.

And yeah, the wind is brutal on the walk to the train station, but nothing like working in an Alaska village on a day that hits 55 below zero.

Today is supposed to be the worst commute day of the year, because of a storm known at an Alberta Clipper bearing down on the region.

So far, like the rest of winter here, it’s failed to live up to expectations.

Winter is rough anywhere you go. Some places are rougher than others.

It’s hard to make comparisons from one place to another until you’ve tried them all out.

I’ve got a few places to go before I can start making those comparisons.