Thoughts from a snowflake

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I stopped by an old friend’s apartment to commiserate tonight and to wait out the hellish Portland traffic.

We drank a couple of Sticky Hands IPAs, and I relived some Facebook conversations for him, since he quit it a few weeks ago.

I’m a little envious of this and tell him so.

But he’s not unaware of what’s going on. He knows about the latest antics of our orange wannabe dictator. He’s aware that the Senate silenced  a female member while allowing her male colleagues to read the same words she attempted to.

He’s working on something creative that openly mocks the shit gibbon in the White House, and I’m still having useless conversations trying to figure out why my family and friends support some of the worst humans on the planet who are now running our daily lives.

I look out at the same world they do, and I don’t see the same thing. And I wonder who is wrong.

I suspect we both are.

I”m tired of talking about it, but I’m too afraid not to.

Oh, I know, my conservative friends tell me not to be afraid. That I should just wait and see what happens. Some great Utopia will be revealed to me in time thanks to Trump’s business prowess or the great mandate of 2017.

But I lived through mandates before, and they were meaningless. People died by the thousands, maybe millions. Reagan, Bush I, Bush II.

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan.

I just finished telling another friend that her fear is an admission that the bad guys, whatever acronym that is these days, have already won.

If you don’t leave your house without a gun or go into a crowd without scanning it for dark-skinned guys in sunglasses and beanies and backpacks, this might be  you.

If you avoid crowds and shelter your children like you live in a war zone, this might be you.

But I’m afraid too. I’m afraid to live like that, because that’s not living.

I grew up under the Red Threat, but we lived. We thrived in spite of the angst. Maybe it was “Red Dawn” or “Red October,” but we lived because we knew that the America that is made up of resiliant, hopeful people always wins in the end.

The bad guys will never win, they can’t.

Until the bad guys are us.




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