Pipeworks Unicorn’s Revenge double IPA at the Tribes Beer Fest.

A delightful true double, coming in at 10%, which this beer drinker feels is necessary to define a true double IPA.

This beer hits off with massive tropical fruit on the nose, and then coasts into a remarkably balanced taste on the tongue with a toasty, almost woody sourness of malty, hoppiness with just a hint of oily mouthfeel.

Pipeworks has a winner in this beer, simply because they’ve created a new experience of extreme balance.

As the beer warms, there is an almost rotted fruit smell that transitions to a ridiculously warm experience on the taste buds that hits all the senses and enlivens almost anything, I suppose. I’m drinking this with fried cheese curds, and I almost feel as though I’m consuming a tropical drink on a beach somewhere.



A Three Floyds/Off Color Tonnerre Neige Saison collaboration at the Tribes Beer Fest in Mokena.

Thick and chewy and without the traditional grassiness of a Saison, this farmhouse-style ale is sweet and earthy and rather strong at 8%.

It’s grainy with some winey overtures, and it’s delightful with cheese, which brings out the yeastiness in the beer.

The color is the best feature. Like an orange creamsicle with a massive white, lacy head of foam, this unfiltered beauty kind if glows with Belgian goodness.



A refurbished boat will star as Pilar in a new film called “Hemingway and Fuentes,” helmed by Anthony Hopkins as Papa and Andy Garcia as his fishing buddy Gregorio Fuentes, according to this story by the Sun Sentinel. 

Above is the real Pilar, as it sits at Finca Vijia, the Cuban home of Hemingway. 

The refurbished boat is 4-feet shorter than Pilar, and so everything was scaled down a bit to fit.