What is the virtue of a proportional response?

I figure I’m not the first to draw this comparison, but while consuming news about Syria, I keep hearing echoes of the (pre-9/11) episode of West Wing.

If you want a fictionalized but prescient way to think through some of the elements of the current situation, watch the full episode (Season One, Episode Three) this clip is from on Netflix, or wherever you have access to it.

It’s proportional. It’s limited. It does not involve boots on the ground…”

– President Barack Obama (via inothernews)

I have nothing to add here. This was a brilliant find by TBOBEDA –

My commute got a little crazy last week after someone stole my catalytic converter out of my Toyota truck. Apparently they’re prone to it. My insurance agent said they’ve handled several hundred claims related to stolen catalytic converters this summer alone. 

The good thing is this is just the thing I needed to start biking to work. 

Our teenager told us that kids at school drive him crazy with their high-pitched ringtones at school all day. After a little investigation, we found out that kids use these ringtones, because teachers can’t hear them. 

So at dinner tonight, we decided to test this whole theory out. I downloaded five ringtones in different kHz levels from I downloaded an 8, 12, 16, 17 and 22. Cheryl and I could hear the 8 and the 12, but we could not hear 16 and above. The kids could hear everything up to 22, which they could not hear for some reason. 

The video shows their reactions to different ringtones. 

I’ve been walking to work for several months now. I recently started longboarding to work, which shaved about 12 minutes off my commute time.

Now I see the city’s underbelly as I skate under the massive tri-level Randolph Street, and I get to surf through the crowds of runners and bikers on the Lakefront Trail.

Longboarding down Navy Pier at 7:30 a.m. when there is not a tourist in sight is one of the most rewarding parts of my ride.

When I announced we were moving to Chicago from Anchorage, Alaska, the response from friends and family immediately focused on the change in weather.

Many people told us we’d hate the cold winters in Chicago. So far, it’s been difficult not to laugh at that concept.

Anchorage barely got above zero last year in January. It’s been averaging a balmy 30 most days.

And yeah, the wind is brutal on the walk to the train station, but nothing like working in an Alaska village on a day that hits 55 below zero.

Today is supposed to be the worst commute day of the year, because of a storm known at an Alberta Clipper bearing down on the region.

So far, like the rest of winter here, it’s failed to live up to expectations.

Winter is rough anywhere you go. Some places are rougher than others.

It’s hard to make comparisons from one place to another until you’ve tried them all out.

I’ve got a few places to go before I can start making those comparisons.