An anniversary…of sorts

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The world was in a royal mess an epic downward spiral
the candy man took buildings down the video went viral

The Shah deposed, nukes composed, and It’s really quite uncanny
the pipers pipe, the women wail and the tune’s about a boy Danny

Israel’s sitting shiva and Syria’s bloodbath quells the Arab spring
One nation’s debris is another nation’s treasure, cache, bling

The day Obama killed Osama, the day the world came unglued
Ghost men, ghost assignment, the photographs too lewd

Then one day in hell or heaven or somewhere in between
In purgatory or Maui, the two talked a conversation lean

Like Bush reading to students on a fateful day, far away
like a hurricane in August on a course for beads at Turtle Bay

So much newsprint goes to waste, and television’s stuck in time
Radio, the hot type era and the Internets entwined like rhyme

Happy anniversary, I hope it’s like nothing you’ve seen before
but something about doom and repeats, glass ceilings and the floor 

The world was in an epic mess, a massive downward spiral
And Obama killed Osama, and the video went viral… 

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