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Like the collection of notebooks that makeup the better part of my recorded life, I have left a trail of blogs across the digital age.

I started many years ago on MySpace before moving to WordPress and BlogSpot, among others. I have been using Tumblr to keep track of my life and the adventures for the last few years.

And like those old journals I’ve kept through the years, even digital platforms get lost over time.

I have now collected my writings from the last few years in this place. This covers our departure from Montana and our lives in Alaska and now in Illinois.

Here you will find essays about life, food, adventures, journalism and, once in a while, my kids.

As for the name, well, sometimes you have to kill your heroes off in order to find your own pathway in life. Maybe not literally but figuratively. So herein I’m working on killing Ernest. But along the way you’re going to be hearing an awful lot about him.

Bookmark me, and come back from time to time if you like.


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