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I once thought freelancing offered a good return on hard work. I no longer believe that. 



Journalism Riches

Over at at Journalism Jobs a company is looking for US-based journalists to write cover and feature stories that will be placed in the “weekly, hyperlocal sections of a major metropolitan newspaper.”

For your efforts: $24 for a “cover story”, $10-$12 for “news and features”.

Via Journalism Jobs:

The job pays $24 per piece. Stories are two-source interviews on topics selected well in advance by our editorial team. Story lengths average 650 to 700 words, and each assignment requires the writer to include three hi-res photos from sources. An assignment editor will provide you with a story template and data to help write each piece. You contact sources, conduct interviews, mix in the data and write to spec.

If you’re doing the math on those cover stories, that’s three cents per word.

We feel dirty too.

For comparison’s sake, you can make $20-$30 per visit donating plasma, and you can do that twice a week.

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