The Spectre of Moving

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I am a collaborative person by nature.

Because most jobs that would fit my criteria are out-of-state, we’ve been slowly getting the kids used to the idea of moving. It’s not easy. They’ve developed friendships, they’d like to finish running cross country and playing flag football. Even my four-year-old wants to play soccer, which we signed her up for before I was laid off.

But I know that if and when a job offer happens, we’ll have some tough decisions to make, and we’ll have to make them fast. For this reason, we’ve been talking to the kids about where some of their favorite places to live might be. Just to get them verbalizing their fears and their desires.

I don’t look forward to the sad goodbyes they’ll have to say to their friends or the fact that my oldest son Cole was looking forward to his first hunting season. He also worked really hard to get on the student council so he could broaden his school experience. These things really cut me when I think about moving.

But I don’t want a sudden announcement of where daddy got a job to freak them out, so dinner has been a game all about all the cool possibilities out there. Warm climate or cold climate. Mountains or oceans. This state or that state. We’ve listed the things we like, like rock climbing and cross country skiing as well as our favorite sights, smells and sounds. Personally, I like living next to Big Sky Brewing Company. The smell of warm Grape Nuts in the morning is almost as good as coffee.

Apparently Bermuda, San Diego, India and Alaska are all fair game. 

In they end, we might not get a choice about where we’ll end up, but being collaborative is a process that works for our family. The kids feel they have a stake in the outcome, even when that might not be the case exactly.

As for me, the specter in moving is the massive logistics of moving a household anywhere, be it across town or across the country. It’s tough to set up a life, dismantle it and then set it all up again. But, is the old adage says, life must go on.

2 thoughts on “The Spectre of Moving”

  1. Tim…your dad said to me years ago…first, you are single and you move around with a backpack; then you get married and you have two suitcases, then you have kids…and you move a HOUSE! Congratulations…you have reached that stage that we all do sooner or later 🙂 Hopefully, you will get to stay put in beautiful Big Sky country! We love you guys!

  2. Jim, that’s the second time I’ve heard that old quote of my dad’s this year. Thanks for reminding me. Would love to stay in Montana, but it looks like these dreams might take us away for now. That house, though, it’s our first, and we’ll keep it. So a little part of us will always be here.

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