What you have referred to as mathematical dyslexia is a learning disability known as Dyscalculia or Mathematics Disorder. It is distinct from dyslexia in many ways. If you have any questions about Dyscalculia, feel free to ask away. I have been diagnosed with Dyscalculia and I like to share information when it is possible.

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Thanks for the note. I read up a bit on Dyscalculia after talking to my son’s teachers yesterday. They recommended following up with an ophthalmologist or a pediatrician before really diagnosing him, so I stayed away from using the terminology in my blog post. I do appreciate your willingness to answer questions. My son’s main issue is that he can’t remember simple equations, so when he goes to do complex math problems, he must count on his fingers. It’s limited, so far, mostly to his ability to remember. Just curious about what issues you deal with regarding dyscalculia?

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